Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is the course blog for Nipissing University's History 5216 European History, which this year will have the familiar name Medieval Chroniclers.   If you enroll in NU's Masters in History program in 2010, you will be in this course.  This blog will be a resource for you, and in fact I will encourage you to contribute posts to it.

 Right now I hope you are making the most of summer's end, and not worrying too much about this course.  However, I hope that you'll find this before classes start, to read this message and any others I leave here.

 One thing I am concerned about is books, and whether our bookstore, under new management, will be quicker in stocking required texts than the old one.   Once  you start thinking about HIST 5216, start checking out the book situation.

Here are the three books you must have constant access to.  All  of them are fairly cheap Penguin paperbacks, and should be available used.  One of the first assignments, due September 23, will involve reading Books I and II of The History of the Franks and a big section of Southern's history of the western church.   You will want to have both of these books the week before September 23.  If you decide to be proactive about book acquisition, this is the information you will need.
Gregory of Tours, A History of the Franks 
     ISBN 978-0140442953
Jean de Joinville and Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Chronicles of the Crusades
     ISBN 978- 0140441246
R.W. Southern, Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages
     ISBN 978- 0140137552
See you later!